Thursday, February 5, 2009

Belly time

18 weeks
22 weeks

26 weeks

30 weeks 3 days

Mommy saying "Hi" to Max

checking out the belly

I'm 30 weeks! Can you believe it! I'm now having my appointments with Dr. Damore every 2 weeks. I had my appointment yesterday and things are looking good. If I could only feel as good all the time. Pregnancy is hard work! But it will be worth it!
I'm measuring at about 30 weeks and I gained 2 more pounds. Dr. Damore felt around for Max and said it appears his head was down facing my right side, with his back curved up my left side with his legs on my right side. Of course this changes as he still has room to move around in. It's so fun to watch him move around my belly. He really does some big moves now!
He can move a lot better then his mommy at this stage. Rolling from one side to the other for me at night can be quite a challenge. Who knew rolling over and getting up out of bed could be so much work. I find myself grunting a lot as I try to move myself while also trying to move the king size pillow I use to rest my belly on and to help straighten my hips by having it run down between my legs. It's probably really quite comical with the sound effects of my grunting. I'm like a beached whale trying to roll itself back into the sea.
As I get bigger I think Shaun's going to have to help me out with this. He'll probably help me roll over to the other side with much effort by the both of us. I'll finally get my pillow all situated with a lot of fluffing, wiggling, and straining to move it to the perfect position for my belly and hips. Aha! I made it! when suddenly, because of all the movement.......... I now have to go pee!!


Chelle! said...

Oh, Ammie, you look adorable. I love it when you share with us!!! I am so excited for you and Shaun. You two are going to be fabulous parents!!!

Kelley M. said...

a beached whale trying to roll itself back into the sea?!??! hahahahahahahhahahahah
oh my gosh, you crack me up!
love you - keep up the good work, amm.

kel xoxo

Ashley Pedersen said...

I feel ya! I'm so excited for you guys. I definately know how you feel. Especially when you roll over and by the time that happens you have to go pee or have to turn back over!

Sankat said...

I end up sleeping with two body pillows. One on each side of me...just so I don't have to keep moving the pillow. My poor husband has such a little spot to sleep on.

Megan said...

Isn't it all amazing? Are you to the point yet where you think your body could never go back to normal? Will you ever tie your shoe with ease again? Don't you worry! Our bodies are absolutely amazing! And you look great!

Kapri said...

You look so cute! So sorry I didn't make it on Saturday. My hubby took my son to the zoo so just Scarlett and I could coe and then she threw up and got a fever. I'll bring little Max his present at Bunko...