Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines then, Valentines now

It was the first Valentines Day since Shaun and I had met and were dating. We weren't seriously dating so when Valentines Day was coming up I wasn't going to make a fool out of myself and expect anything from Shaun or give him anything.
To my surprise Shaun calls me and wants to know if it would be alright to bring me something over for Valentines Day. What?!? I was completely unprepared for this. Of course, I tell Shaun, "Sure, Come on over, I have something for you too!!!"
I think fast and run to the store. I walk in and see some nice work out/lounge pants and decide to get them! I mean if work out/lounge pants are not romantic then I don't know what is!! (Ha, Ha) But really? What do you get a guy for Valentines Day anyway? I thought they were practical and guys love work out/lounge pants:) They were navy blue and looked comfortable.
Shaun comes over and he gives me something a little more "Valentines Day." He gives me some Victoria Secret lotions all wrapped up in a cute pink Valentines package.
Later on when we were married I told Shaun that I really didn't have anything for him and how I ran to the store last minute to pick up those dang sexy work out/lounge pants.
Shaun then informs me that he had bought two of the lotion packages and had given one to me and one to another girl!! Ha, Ha, Ha!! Oh Shaun!! You naughty little player! I'm glad you're all mine now!
This Valentines Day Shaun and I are doing something we started to do last year. We go to the dollar store. We each have the same amount of money and we go through the store and buy things that remind us of each other. This is really fun!! We each start at different ends of the store and try to be all sneaky and not let the other one see what we got for them. We catch glimpses of each other through out the store and make funny faces at each other and laugh.
We then go home and give each other our gifts and tell each other why we got it for them. Some are really funny and some are really sweet. We have so much fun doing this!
This is going to become are new Valentines Day tradition. I also informed Shaun that I want dipped chocolate strawberries to be the tradition too. I LOVE dipped chocolate strawberries.
We've done the flowers, rose petals, and all that really romantic stuff but really I just have fun talking about what we love about each other with funny stuff from the dollar store.
As long as we can talk and bond WITH Chocolate covered strawberries. I'm as happy as could be.

Here is my delicious strawberries.
Notice one has already been eaten. I had to have one right away.
Thanks Shaun! I'm glad I came up with this great tradition for me:)


T and T Brunson said...

You have good taste Ammie. Chocolate covered strawberries is one of my favorites!!

Chelle! said...

Oh, I love this sweet story. I love this tradition. You guys are such the cutest couple!!!

I love chocolate covered strawberries!!! These look simply delicious!!