Thursday, June 16, 2011

Learning to play together

A while ago I told Max to show Easton his animals and hopefully get Max to bond with his brother.
It was really cute how he lined them up next to Easton and would make the noises of the animal as he would stick each animal inches from Easton's face so he could see them before he lined them up next to him.

Max then put some on each side of him. I think Easton was really enjoying this. He liked to try and reach for them. Then, Max got too rough with brother and was not listening to mom, so he had to go take a time out in his room.

This is how I found Max when I went to get him out of his room. Not exactly the "time out" I was hoping for. He was having a little too much fun. I had to take his picture because it made me laugh out loud when I went into his room and found him like this.

Then again

Time to go say sorry to brother and give him a hug.

I guess Easton was not excepting the apology. ;)

Then Max figured out a great way to play with his brother. He found that when he put the animals down by Easton's feet.........

Easton would kick the animals down. Max thought this was hilarious! I guess they really can have fun playing together. :)


Chance's Mom said...

Brothers are the best!

Sankat said...

That is SO funny!

Kelley M. said...

OH. MY. WORD. this is a RIOT!!! I was laughing SO hard reading this to Tim. CRACK ME RIGHT UP!! Our *spirited* Maxwell - we sure do love him!! hahahah