Friday, June 10, 2011

Max's Birthday Party

Better late then never. Finally, the post of Max's Birthday party. We did a Noah's ark theme because the animals came TWO by TWO and Max is TWO, so we partied with animals. We were thankful that my in-laws let us have the party at their house.

I sent the above picture with the invitations.

Animal train filled with snacks and treats. Max loves these animals!

We did all the food with an "animal food theme." Here's pictures of some of the animal food we did.

LION and TIGER food


ELEPHANT food (peanuts)

For drinks we had, Crocodile swamp, Hippopotamus pool, and Polar Bear splash.

The other food we had was, Duck food (bread) Mouse food (cheese) Rabbit food (salad) Gorilla food (chips) and Bear food (Swedish FISH)

We watched a video I made of pictures with music of Max's second year and then we opened presents.

It turned out that Shaun and cousins opened the presents, because Max wanted to play and run around. You can see him in the background playing. haha!

Time for some animal cupcakes!

I guess Max wanted to feed the animals on his shirt some cupcakes too. I made his shirt by putting iron on animals TWO by TWO, front and back, with a Tiger on each sleeve.

Thanks to our families who could come and celebrate with us!

Because I was pregnant and hurt my back, I didn't do ALL the things I wanted to do for the party, more with the theme, games, decorations, ext. Probably, a good thing. I tend to want to go overboard with it. I know it's not needed, but it's so fun to do!
I love to celebrate their, I say their now, because I have TWO little lives to celebrate for! Kids deserve a FUN day. When you get older, your birthday seems to become more boring. ;)


Valerie said...

you are a cute mom!

Chance's Mom said...

So cute! Love the theme!

Tiger said...

That is ADORABLE!!!-Bidzer