Saturday, June 4, 2011

Doggie paddle pull

Just another reason why Boston is awesome. You throw him his ball and Max gets a fun ride around the pool.

He can even pull two

He's even fun to ride bare back, doggie surfing

Soon enough Easton, you can be doggie pulled.

Max and Easton are lucky boys to have such a great dog. I told Shaun how hard it's going to be for the boys when Boston dies. I know their going to have so many fun times and great memories with him. He's a great dog for these boys.
Shaun said, "It will be hard on the boys when Boston dies, but it will be the hardest on you."
Then I laughed and said, "you're absolutely right, I'll be bawling for months."
Shaun said, "years."
It's true, Boston isn't just great for Max and Easton, he's great for this gal/mommy too. :)


Tiger said...

Is that your guy's pool? I want a turn when I come down!!!!!-Bidz

Ashley said...

Awww so sweet! Love those pictures :) Hope you guys are doing good.

Chelle! said...

Is that your pool? It looks like so much fun. Aw....what fun pictures!!

Ammie said...

No, this is not our pool, I wish! It's my in-laws pool.