Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Surprise!! We only have one baby. Sounds funny huh? Most people are surprised to have twins. Shaun and I were surprised to have one. With my high numbers we all thought for sure we had twins.
One baby is great!! It takes a lot of worry away. Everything looked good at my ultrasound. It had a yoke sack and it was nice and implanted in my uterine cavity. All you can see for now is the fluid they are in. I'll try and down load the ultrasound picture. I love being able to see and to know, This is for real! I have one picture hanging on the fridge and another picture in my purse. I keep looking at them so I don't have to pinch myself to see if this dream is really true.

I'll keep having ultrasounds every week with the fertility center and then I think at about 8 weeks they turn me over to my ob-gyn. I wish I could continue with the fertility center. You get to know everyone really well and they know you really well, and I mean reeeaalllly well. I think they owe me a couple lobster dinners by now. (Ha, Ha)

I'm now 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant. 1 month down and 8 more to go. My due date is April 11th. Which I think is perfect. It gets way too hot in the summer time in Arizona. So I'll beat being pregnant in this awful heat. Wonderful!!


Kr!sty said...

hey ammie! I'm not sure if you remember me...I've been bad @ staying in touch! ;) I found you through Michelle's blog... I am SOOOO happy for you to finally be pregnant! Yeah! I read back a ways & I just have to say that your attitude is so amazing. I'm not sure I'd be that way if these were my trials. If you want to join my blog, just accept my email invite! I'm glad to have caught up on your life! Congrats!

Chelle! said...

Oh, my goodness...I am screaming for excitement for you!!! I look forward to reading your blog and I get all excited for you and Shaun. You two have been waiting for so long!!! YEA!!!! I can't wait to see the picture!!