Sunday, August 16, 2009


We have this little flower bed in the front of our house. We planted some flowers and also a whole bunch of different seeds. We're experimenting and seeing what we like and what will be easy to maintain in a hot Arizona climate.

We started in April and the flowers started blooming and doing really well. In the summer heat they started to not do so well. We thought this was normal for Arizona.

There were some plants coming up that seemed to be doing really well. We waited to see what would bloom from them. Over time we started to think maybe they were weeds and no flowers were going to bloom.

Shaun started to pull them out. Low and behold, Carrots! (ha, ha) Carrots in the flower bed? We then started to think that our neighbors who had a nice garden in the backyard gave us the nice soil. It must have still had some carrot seeds in it!

We have now pulled out the carrots and our flower bed is recovering nicely. I guess will be pulling carrots from our flower bed from now on. Carrot soup anyone?

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Chelle! said...

That is awesome!! I would never have thought that carrots would grow in the hot weather...interesting!!