Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scooping Poop

My poor little Max has been having some diarrhea. He is pooping constantly and now has a sore bum. I called the nurse and she gave me some advice to give pedialyte and then to give soy formula until his stool went back to normal.
Today he had a lot of mucus in his poop and the nurse said to call if this happened. I called and they told me to come in with the diaper.
They took a sample and did a little test and Max has a virus. The good thing is he seems to be doing just fine. No fever or vomiting. They said that the virus needs to run it's course for about 7 to 10 days. Max is still able to eat just fine. He had no problem drinking the pedialyte and soy fomula.
They want to be sure that it's not bacterial so I get to scoop poop. I have to scoop his poop into all these different vials over the next 3 days and then take them all to the lab.

Here's all the vials I have to fill up. They have a line that you have to meet before you can bring in the sample. It's kind of hard to scoop it to the line because Max has been going so much that it's not a lot of substance. I did try to scoop up one of them and then ended up knocking it over! I'll have to call the doctor tomorrow and get a new vial with the red fluid in it.
The funny thing is I really don't mind doing this. I think you just kick into mommy mode and you just do whatever you need to do for your child. Scraping diarrhea poop into little vials is no big deal.
I really hope Max gets better soon. I hate seeing him have a sore bum. Even though he seems to be doing really well. As long as he is eating and still being playful and smiley.
I just keep giving him lots of baths and smothering his little bum in lotrimine and desitin.
I hope this virus will run it's course and not turn into something more serious.


Kelley M. said...

Amm - you're a trooper - I have NEVER heard of anything like this - OR collecting "samples" - did they give you brown paper bags to deliver it, too?? :) What a good little nephew I have - poor little tush!! Kiss, Kiss.
Kel xo

Sankat said...

ahh no fun. We have done the scooping poop least his is in a diaper ;). I hope he gets better soon.

EmileeandJonny said...

oh poor little guy! Hopefully it isn't more serious. Jarom had lots of mucus in his diapers too thats one of the reasons we knew he was having an allergy... don't let that scare you though!

Chelle! said...

Oh, you are such a good mommy. I hope that Max starts feeling better soon!!!

BTW, I, absolutely, love the picture of your little family. It is adorable!!