Friday, February 17, 2012

No more curls

Max's hair started to curl, I love and adore it. He has curly hair when it grows out long. Unfortunately, he needed a hair cut. Max HATES haircuts, I repeat, HATE! So we usually let it grow out and get pretty crazy and then we buzz it all off, then repeat. I was SO sad to see his curly hair go.

Love this!

The above picture is one of Max's CRAZY, completely untamed hair days. haha!


He's stinking cute BOTH ways!
The only problem with his short hair is, I think he looks SO much older!
How did my baby Max get so big?! Well, he's always been big, but I mean bigger! ;)

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Chance's Mom said...

OK, seriously, if you look at Max's hair while wearing the yellow shirt, you have to admit he looks like a kid another kid at the playground would not like to take on. He's tough and not about to mess with any foolishness.
I think you should do a study on how each of Max's hairstyles affect his social life.
He is REALLY cute with any of the cuts though so you can't go wrong.