Thursday, March 8, 2012

All in a days PLAY

Here's some of the things Easton's been doing.


Standing up

Playing with brother Max. Which lately, ends in Easton getting pushed, kicked, or tackled.
Easton's becoming scrappy though and keeps coming back for more. He also makes sure to milk it when moms around, to make sure I have sympathy for him being picked on by big mean brother. ;)

Playing in the pantry

Playing in the refrigerator

Playing with Boston, good thing Boston is the best dog with these boys! He takes a beating and never growls, bites, or snips. He's an AWESOME dog!

Playing in the Dishwasher

Playing outside

Loves to put everything in his mouth. Also, loves to play with balls.


Make Mom laugh with funny faces

Be Happy

Get messy, take a bath, eat, go to sleep.

It's good to PLAY!

Mommy loves you Easton!! I'm glad I get to PLAY with you too!


Anonymous said...

Whoa, he's so big! I swear you just had Max like a year ago and Easton is a brand new baby. Crazy how times flies. They are such cute boys and it sure looks like they make your house lots of fun.

Sankat said...

He's so adorable. So much fun. I was laughing as I was reading/looking a pictures...because my 2 1/2 yr old does many of the exact same things.

Chance's Mom said...

Love the shots from behind. Babies have such cute backsides. And front sides.
I can see Shaun in this boy.