Wednesday, April 28, 2010

adoption questions

Here are some discussion questions from Which is a website for LDS social services for adoption.

  1. Do you and your spouse have similar feelings about adoption?

  2. Yes___ No___

    Are you and your spouse excited about the prospect of becoming parents through adoption?

  3. Yes___ No___

    Are you realistic about the joys, heartaches, struggles, and rewards that can accompany parenthood?

  4. Yes___ No___

    Are you ready to let go of the idea of having children through pregnancy?

  5. Yes___ No___

    Do you understand that adoption will not cure the pain of infertility?

  6. Yes___ No___

    Do you and your spouse have a solid, healthy relationship?

  7. Yes___ No___

    Are you ready to be a parent to a child who doesn’t have biological ties to you?

  8. Yes___ No___

    Can you provide a loving atmosphere in which a child may thrive?

  9. Yes___ No___

    Are you prepared to deal with a child’s questions and possible feelings of loss?

  10. Yes___ No___

    Are you prepared for the rigors of the adoption process?

  11. Yes___ No___

    Are you prepared for the possibility that adoption can result in conflicting, complicated emotions?

    I'm not sure that I can give an absolute Yes to all of these questions. defiantly something to think about and discuss.

    I've been looking on line for more information on adoption. It really is so overwhelming for me. It seems so hard. It's giving Shaun and I a lot to think about, to worry about, to be concerned about, to be excited about, and on and on.

    I'm really concerned about the financial cost. It's something that Shaun and I would have to save up for. Which only would prolong the process even more.

    There's also a lot to consider about what age you're willing to adopt. For me, I really want Max to be the oldest child. For several reasons.

    There's so many variables to consider here. It's defiantly going to be a long process. Max is only one but I would like to have another child before he's 10! We still have the option of in-vitro. Both ways are going to cost a lot of money and be a challenge. We'll have to have a lot of faith and be praying a lot. It will be interesting to see what happens with our family. Whatever does happen, We will always be a family. Together forever. :)


Chance's Mom said...

I am thinking of you and praying for you as you figure out what to do.
Meanwhile, give Max a big juicy kiss from all of us at our house would you please.

shaunandammie said...

Thanks Taun! xoxoxo!!