Saturday, April 17, 2010

Makes me smile plus Max's stats

For Max's birthday he got some BIG cars. (thanks Sammy) As I was going through his toy box. I found that he had an identical LITTLE car. So now, daddy and son have been reunited. ;)
Every time I see them it makes me smile. I even have to giggle a little.
The mommy car must have purple eyes and all yellow tires. ;)

Daddy car giving a piggy back ride.

Now for Max's 12 month stats:

Weight- 23 lbs 9 oz (75 percentile)
Height- 33.25 inches! (Still over the 95 percentile.) He has grown 11.75 inches this year!
Head circumference 19 (not sure what percentile this is)

Max's doctor said that he looks really good. He's a very tall healthy boy! He also talked to me about giving "time outs" now. For one minute. I've been trying this out. It's really hard not to laugh! Max has a problem with biting. I for see lots of "time outs" in his future. He looks so funny sitting in the corner. It's hard not to crack a smile or two.
He wont sit still in the corner. I have to keep putting him back in it. Then he'll look away as I'm talking to him. shifting his eyes downward. Trying not to keep eye contact so he doesn't have to listen to what I'm saying. I wish I could describe the look on his face better. It's quite comical.
Max is not walking yet. which is not a problem. He'll do it on his own time. We joke that it's because he's so tall, It's harder to fight the force of gravity. He needs more time to balance himself out. :)
Shaun says that it's because he's a guy. Why does he need to over do anything. He can get around just fine by crawling. haha!
I read on a baby website that children who walk later have a more mellow temperament. I'm thinking this is not the case with Max. It's not like he has a bad temper. He's just not a mellow kid. :) He's a mover! He crawls super fast and wants to be into anything and everything! He does NOT sit still.....ever.

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