Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to Shaun!

Happy Birthday Shaun! His birthday was Saturday. We went to Famous Dave's, Shaun's favorite restaurant. He loves that place. He loves it so much that I had to get him some of their famous BBQ sauces. He got 2 Sweet & Zesty, 1 Rich & Sassy, and 1 Georgia Mustard.
He also got a gift card to seagull book. I know, big surprise to those who know Shaun and his love for books. ;)

Let me tell you how much Shaun REALLY loves Famous Dave's BBQ. It all begin on a shopping trip to Costco. Famous Dave's was there, with their slow cooker, giving out samples of pork, with their BBQ sauces. They were selling bottles of the BBQ sauce.
As I was shopping around, Shaun was gone sampling. When he makes his way back to me, he has a 23 pound pig shoulder and a big box that held a slow cooker! 23 pounds of pig with a slow cooker! ummmmm?! Shaun? What are you doing with those? He insist that he needs them, with all the Famous Dave's BBQ sauces! hahaha! Seriously?! Shaun makes me laugh! He was sold the moment he tasted the Famous Dave samples.
The funny thing is, Shaun and I love the sit-com King of Queens. I think Kevin James is hilarious! Sometimes, Shaun reminds me of him in the show. This was one of Shaun's "Doug Heffernan" moments.
I had to try and convince Shaun that maybe we could first, save up for a slow cooker. Then buy some pork, not 23 pounds worth, and go from there.
We still laugh to this day about it, and will continue to laugh about it. Because at the time, Shaun wasn't happy that I thought a 23 pound pig shoulder was a little much to be "experimenting" with, especially, because we don't have a slow cooker and we don't have the money to buy one.
He did get a bunch of Famous Dave's BBQ sauces that day, that I can handle. The 23 pound pig shoulder and slow cooker? We'll stick to going to Famous Dave's restaurant for that kind of a thing. ;)
Happy Birthday Shaun! Thanks for always making me laugh! Max and I love you!

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Chance's Mom said...

HaaHaaHaa! This post made me laugh too. It made my day. I could envision Shaun hauling 23 pounds of pig through the store convincing you it was for food storage purposes:)