Monday, September 20, 2010

Number Book

Here's the Number Book I made for Max. It was easy to do. On some of the pages, I went to the craft store and got a bunch of 3-D stickers of things I know Max likes. I'm still working on finishing a few of the pages.

These pictures look like the dogs "mug shots" haha! I know Baxter would have a LONG rap sheet. Boston would only have a misdemeanor for occasionally getting into the garbage. ;)

I vel-croed the cars on the page so Max could take them off. He loves to take them off and play with them so much, that I'm going to change it to stickers. Then he can have the cars to play with and take around the house.

Still waiting to get a good picture of Max's grandparents. (send me a picture mom)

Max is really into Tiger's right now. He loves them. When he sees them in some of his books or on a DVD we have. He gets excited and loves to point at it and say, "Tig-ah"

Max really loves this book. He loves all the pages. The stickers are really cool. They have texture and stick out. I had to put clue dots on the back of the stickers so Max can't pull all the stickers off. Which he naturally tries to do. :)

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