Monday, September 13, 2010

Caught on Camera......unaware.

When I first saw the pictures below. I starting laughing. Out loud. I found them to be hilarious! Let me explain what's going on. Max's cousins, Beauwin and Ireland, invited us to their birthday swim party. To have a swim party there must be a pool.
Max loves the water and has no fear. The moment he sees the pool, he's dead set on making his way to it, not skipping a beat and walking right off the edge of the pool into the water.
The photo's below are of me, trying to carry our swim bag to the table. While trying to hold on to Max and save him from plummeting himself into the water without someone there to help him.
I was unaware that I was having my picture taken. I would've smiled. :)

I'm almost to the table. Then I can put the awkward swim bag down.

Swim bag down. I'm really not as unhappy as I look in this photo. Max is still trying to be released from my arms.

Here I am, still trying to control Max with both hands now.
I had to change him into his swim diaper and swim suit. That was quite an obstacle, getting him to sit still for a minute, so I could change him.

finally, Max can be in the pool. Sheesh!


shaun said...

great blog post, our blessed spirited child.

Kelley M. said...

there, there Max - there, there.

Chance's Mom said...

Max's lack of fear will benefit him later in life when he takes on the world:)

Samantha F. said...

That's the best. What a kid eh? I love the paparazzi style photos, totally make you look like a Hollywood celeb trying to juggle a swim bag and a wiggle worm, of a boy. Too cute.

T Maher said...


I just threw up every picture. Trust me we have ALL been through it. Wait until you have TWO - they actually know instinctively how to run in opposite directions AT THE SAME TIME.