Saturday, September 18, 2010

Come fly with me

Max is really into airplanes right now. When he hears or sees them in the sky, he gets excited and loves to point them out to me.
Shaun and I decided it would be fun to take Max down to a little airport and see some planes taking off or landing.
I don't think Max was getting that this plane on the ground was the same as the planes flying in the sky.

Here he is, looking adorable, waiting on a bench to see the planes take off.
He got his chance.......


We also got to see this beauty

The guys working on a harrier. We didn't get to see these bad boys take off. This is the only airplane that can take off vertically like a helicopter. We did get to see a helicopter take off though. A bright yellow one.

Max hanging with daddy

Then some cousins came and joined us!

As you can see. Max loves his cousins.

Max also found some sprinklers to play in. I would say it was a fun day for my little guy.
It was a good day for all of us . :)

We have another little airport close by to us. It has planes taking off and landing frequently. That will be are next place to check out the planes.

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Chance's Mom said...

Too bad we don't live closer to each other...our babies could watch airplanes together while sipping lemonade in little chairs....