Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Team Buzz or Team Woody?

What team are you on? Team Buzz or Team Woody?
Max loves to watch Toy Story and for a long time he was
always Team Buzz. 



When he wanted to watch Toy Story,
he would call it Buzz and be so excited
when Buzz would come on the scene. 

Now, there has been a switch. He always
asks for Woody now, and the other day
he came up to me with his Buzz laser
gun. I said, something to the effect of
"You've got your Buzz gun, cool buddy." 
To which he FIRMLY replied,
"No! Woody's gun." 
Oh well, excuse me! I didn't know
that you had switched to team Woody. 
He now likes to put on a Cowboy hat 
and let us know that Woody is in the 
building. ;) 

1 comment:

Chance's Mom said...

My boy has also defected at times! At Disneyland, he got star struck when he saw Buzz.....I think he quit breathing for a minute. It was so cute! He was also wearing his Buzz Lightyear costume and I have to tell you that Buzz was impressed. He was Buzz Lightyear for Halloween and when we bought the costume, he told me he would be Woody next Halloween.
It is a tough choice. Maybe if the boys just waffle back and forth between the two, they'll get their Toy Story hook-up:)