Sunday, July 18, 2010

What's he doing?

Max has been doing something really funny for a while. He'll open his mouth really wide and breath really fast and loud. Shaun and I would laugh and be like, "what's he doing?" We just thought he was being a funny kid. Because kids do funny stuff.

Then the other day. Max was playing with his dog Boston. Because Boston is a spazzy lab. Who gets really excited when you play with him. He opens his mouth and pants really loud. So in response Max starts to do his funny breathing thing back to Boston. DUH!? He was copying Boston this whole time. FUNNY!
Now I see it all the time and can see him trying to be like Boston. Max will go up to Boston and start doing his panting to him. Or when Boston comes in the room. Max will start to do the panting, or Boston will start panting so Max will too. Seriously?! Max is so funny! He's just trying to communicate with his doggy. Which by the way, Is his favorite word to say, doggy and dog.

Boston's happy face

You couldn't find a more loyal friend then Boston. Shaun and I joke that our other dog Baxter could be picked up somewhere and be perfectly fine with any new owner. As long as they pet him. Probably wouldn't even miss us. Baxter is Mr. Social. Boston on the other hand, would miss us.
I love both my dogs, but Boston and I have a special bond. Which is funny because the reason we have 2 dogs is because Shaun's always wanted a yellow lab. It's his dream dog. So we got Boston. (I'll have to blog about that later.) Then it turned out that Boston likes me best! Ha! Sorry Shaun. He follows me around the house and wants to be right next to me. Boston that is, not Shaun. hee hee. Although, Shaun and I have a very special bond too. ;)

When we go to the dog park. Baxter's all over the park mingling with all the other people and dogs. He makes 20 new best friends whenever we go. Boston on the other hand. He only has eyes for me, or better yet for a dog, only has nose for me. ;)
He just wants to be with me. He'll follow me around the park where ever I go. I'll throw the ball for him and he'll retrieve it and bring it back to me. over and over again. It's his favorite thing to do.
Meanwhile, Baxter is clear across the park at the entrance being the greeting party to all new dogs and people. ;)
In other words, If I'm ever lost in the mountains. Please send Boston to find me. He wouldn't stop searching until he found me. Baxter on the other hand, would find new friends and forget what he was looking for. ;)


Anonymous said...

When I come Baxter likes to be MY dog.

Ammie said...

That's true! Baxter loves you! :) We'll have to take them for walks. We could even go to the dog park. We need to get you down here.

Chance's Mom said...

So cute!! I wonder if my baby is copying what our bunny does. Maybe I should pay close attention for the next few days....

Cheryl said...

I LOVE it! That is such a cute story!!! I bet that was quite the hilarious moment when you discovered why Max had been doing that and who he was imitating!
Oh, and that is so sweet that Max is already folding his arms for prayers!!! If he’s doing that well already, I bet it won’t be long before Max will keep his arms folded during the whole prayer. :o)