Friday, July 23, 2010

Hot as you know where

It's summer time here in Arizona and the living is NOT easy! It's so brutally hot. How hot? Try sticking your head in the oven while it's on. That's how it feels. It's miserable. In the summer time there's hell and then right below that there's AZ on my list of the worst places to be.
It's funny because this happens every year. I love AZ in the winter and I think it's the greatest. Then summer comes and I curse this place. It's a love/hate relationship.
I still go walking every morning at 7am. And it's still so ridiculously hot. I have to put Max in a swim suit. Then I pour water in his cup holders for him to splash in on his stroller. I bring cold water in a spray bottle and squirt him and myself as we walk. Meanwhile I'm sweating like a man! and burning up from the sun. HOTNESS! It really is an unbelievable kind of heat. It's almost suffocating as the day goes on. Being outside for even minutes is terrible. It does make for a really good workout, even if it is miserable.

Because it's so hot outside. Some of our outside fun has come into the house. Even though, we still do this stuff in the house sometimes when it's fine outside. We're crazy like that. ;)

Max throwing the ball for the dogs.

Max loves doing this to the dogs. He tries to be a little Houdini. hee, hee..... keep your eye on the ball.

Playing keep away. Poor Boston is dying to get the ball. Max thinks this is so funny!


Chance's Mom said...

I want to play ball with Max. I think we could have some fun.
Hey, you know that it isn't as hot here as it is there right?
Did I mention that we have a room you could use? Or that there are lots of fun things to do around us?
Just give it some thought....

Chelle! said...

Max is simply adorable. He is getting so big. You could move back to Utah...we never know what the weather is going to be like.