Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Find out what it means to Baxter. Ever since my two dogs were puppies, Boston has been a pig with his food, and Baxter wants to take his time. If Baxter had his way he would like his food in a bowl left out all day. Then he could eat it when he pleased. But he lives with Boston. Who scarfs down his food. Then he tries to eat Baxter's food. It's been the same way since they were puppies. Boston wants to eat and eat, then eat some more.
So my little spiteful Baxter, will sit and wait until Boston is done scarfing his food. Which doesn't take long. Then Baxter likes to taunt Boston with the food. He'll stand by his food and keep eyeballing Boston. Then when he fells like Boston is getting to close or looking at him, He'll growl.
We were talking to a golden retriever rescue group. We told them about the conflict every morning and night with feeding our beasts. Which over the 5 years we've had them has caused about 2 nasty fights. Which both times I had to break up because Shaun wasn't home. I was so mad at them! They new it and would try to suck up to me. Still being on edge with each other. They said that Golden Retrievers want respect. It's a respect thing for them. Baxter feels that Boston is not respecting him. So the game plays on..............

Baxter growling at Boston for looking at him

Boston trying not to look at him

Boston trying to have a cool face. Acting like he doesn't want Baxter's food.

I've found myself many times talking to them like 2 fighting kids. "Baxter, stop taunting Boston!" "Boston, stop looking at Baxter!" "Baxter just eat your food!" "Boston, sit over here (away from Baxter) and lie down!" Seriously these two?! They're like 2 fighting brothers! They only do this kind of thing with each other. They have never done this with Shaun, Max, or myself. They are the sweetest dogs with Max. They are only funny about the food with each other.
You're probably saying I should just feed them separate. I'll tell you why I don't. Boston will eat his food just fine. Baxter won't eat unless he has Boston to taunt. He wants to make Boston respect him, and Boston just want to eat everything. That's what you get with two male dogs.

Boston running in to pick up any left overs.

Of course, Baxter has no problem doing the same thing to Max. ;)

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