Friday, July 16, 2010


fold your arms, bow your head, this is how the prayer is said.

I've been singing that song to Max before we say the prayer. He loves it. It really got him interested in the prayer. About a month ago. As I started to sing the song. He folded his arms! I thought I was going to burst with joy! It was the most adorable thing. He now folds his arms whenever I say the word prayer, or ask him to fold his arms. What a little angel he is.

It's so cute because he'll come up to me and fold his arms. Looking at me with that sweet face. Wanting to show me what a good boy he is. The look on his face is priceless. I don't disappoint, I praise him and tell him what a good boy he is. By doing this, he has reminded me to say the prayer many times when I've forgotten. I love that boy! Thank you Max.

I also caught him the other day. folding his arms over one of his toys. With him smiling and trying to close his eyes that kept peeking open to look at his toys. Even though he probably doesn't understand what it all means. He's learning and my heart was swelling with joy.

The funny thing is, he can't keep his arms folded throughout the prayer. What he's been doing is folding them at the beginning and then when I say Amen, he hurries and folds them again. haha! I love you son. Thanks for bringing me so much happiness. :)


Chelle! said...

AW...Ammie, that is so sweet. He is adorable. You are such the cutest mom.

Chelle! said...
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