Friday, July 16, 2010

Max's old ride

My brother was borrowing Max's old car seat. When he brought it back to us, Max thought it was pretty fun to play with. I left it in the living room all day so he could have fun playing with it.

Did I really fit in there mom?

Also, about the shorts Max has on. I guess because he's thinning out they tend to hang down low on his bum. The more he plays and moves around the more they tend to slide down his bum. It's pretty funny.
Max is going gangsta style. As long as he doesn't start rapping. He could rap about his two D-O- double GGizzles in the Heezee. What? yo, yo, yo. Please no, no, no.
I do know that my golden retriever Baxter is quite gangsta. My little baby face cat and chicken killer. Baxter's just keeping it real. He is a true D-O double G. Feel free to add the izzle to that. :)

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Chelle! said...

Ammie, I love his precious smile. I bet that little smile brightens your day every day.