Monday, July 21, 2008

party in a petri dish

My retrieval today went well. They were able to retrieve 26 eggs! That is an excellent amount. There are 12 REALLY good ones and 13 good ones, so I guess that leaves 1 bad one? I was pretty out of it from the anesthesia. Sleepy time.
So tonight there is a party in the petri dishes! They are going to inject the sperm right into the egg on some of them. And put 75,000 sperm in a petri dish with 1 egg. It's seems the odds are in are favour but you never know.
They also think they will have to freeze them when they get to the best stage and we will have to wait until end of August early September to put them back in because of the high risk of hypo ovarian stimulation syndrome (ohss) This has really bummed me out today. I'm just so sick of injections and all these medications. I'll find out more details tomorrow when I call Max (embryologist) to see how the "party" went, And talk to Dr. Guanala, Who has been amazing, and her staff. I'll find out what will be the next step.
party on little eggs!

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Chelle! said...

I sure hope there is a HUGE party tonight in the little petri dish!!! Good luck and my prayers are with you!!! (and Shaun).