Thursday, March 3, 2011

Comfy T-shirt

This is a very comfy T-shirt. There's a problem though. I love to wear it around the house but I don't like to be seen outside the house in it.
First, I don't even like Mountain Dew, It's disgusting. Second, It looks a little trashy with my big belly. I don't want to go around promoting pregnant women to do the Dew. ;) AND now that I see this picture, It's not the most flattering. It's more comfy then it looks in the picture.
Third, If you know Shaun, this could be considered lingerie. (hee hee)
The man cannot get over his love for Mountain Dew. Maybe, one day the Mountain will not be so hard for him to get over.

My BULGING belly (just Easton saying "hi") will have to be wrapped in this comfy t-shirt in house only.

1 comment:

Chance's Mom said...

Heck I've seen women just wear halter tops and just let their whole belly flop on out there for all of us to see!
Maybe you could just write in permanent marker a big "NO" above the Mountain Dew words. Or would that traumatize Shaun?