Friday, April 22, 2011

Being induced

I'm being induced today at 12 noon! I'm so excited to meet Easton! I know I'm way behind on posting and updating. I'll have to back track sometime.
I'm hoping to have Easton today on Good Friday, because, I had Max on Good Friday 2 years ago. It would be fun to have them both on Good Friday, and they still would have separate birthdays.
I can't wait to have labor over with and see and hold Easton for the first time. It's the greatest feeling in the world.
Mommy loves you Easton!! I'm going to be kissing and snuggling you soon. :)


Tiger said...

I cannot wait!!! I might be able to come see him!!! You're such a good Mommy!!!

Sankat said...

Good luck! I hope all goes well...and quickly. I hope by now you have him in your arms.
Today is my oldest child's birthday. April 22nd is a great day!