Tuesday, May 24, 2011

brotherly love?

Max is having a hard time adjusting to Easton taking our time and attention away. He does still love his brother, most of the time. In the morning when he first sees Easton, he'll point at him and very excitingly say, "Baby!"
Here's some of the good times, because brothers don't shake hands, brothers got a hug.

I love this.

playing around with Max's stuffed dragon. Careful Max.

Giving a kiss

giving a hug

I have to constantly remind Max to be soft with Easton. He wants to go right into real play time with him, which would include wrestling. That's Max's new trick, He goes in all soft for a hug, then it turns into a wrestling take down. He's been trying it out on all his friends. yikes! He likes to play rough, he thinks it's hilarious.
Someday Max, brother will be able to really play with you. You better watch out though, I'm sure Easton will learn how to fight back. ;)
I'm picturing wrestle mania at my house on a daily basis........DING, DING, DING.......in this corner.........
I'll be adding referee to my resume.

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Chelle! said...

I love these pictures especially the first one. How adorable is that one?!