Saturday, April 4, 2009

One last time

Here is the last rundown of my growing belly
14 weeks

18 weeks

22 weeks

26 weeks

30 weeks

34 weeks
And now for the grand finale of my huge uncomfortable belly! viewed from all angles and I even have a smile on my face.

38 weeks 5 days

Still no Max!! I think it might be time for eviction. He is getting so big! I can feel that he has continued to pack on the pounds. It seems everyday is getting harder and harder to do anything! His movements overpower my whole belly. I want to try and go walking but it's getting really hard just to walk from the living room to the bathroom!
My appointment with Dr. Damore showed that everything is the same. I think she may have tried to make me feel better by telling me I was "a very loose 3 centimeters dilated." Lets get this show going!
She also said that she was able to push his head up so he still has room to float around in!! What does that mean? He still has room to grow bigger! I may have to invest in a wheel chair!
To all my neighbors, Please try not to laugh at me if you see me out walking. I will be waddling like I have a watermelon between my legs and taking all sorts of weird steps as I get shooting pains in very unpleasant places. Desperate times call for desperate measures!


Karen said...

If she can still push his head up, that means he hasn't fully engaged in your pelvis (e.g. he isn't ready). Madie never did, the little stinker. Don't worry, he'll have to come out soon! Hang in there and enjoy feeling his movements. You'll miss that. You won't miss the shooting pains though. :-)

tiffy girl said...

oh I hate the "zing" that you get every once in a while! I totally for got about that until reading this! gotta love being a mom! I am patiently waiting....hang in there it will happen!

girltrapped said...

oh ammie!!! i keep driving by your house wondering if you are at the hospital or not :) here's the good news, the longer he stays in the healthier he should be - lungs more developed, bigger also means sleeps better. just hang in there!

Sankat said...

Try taking your empty stroller for a will give you something to lean on while you are in pain :)

Amy Marie said...

Hang in there, maybe he will come on book club night and then we can bring book club to the hospital this time around! : )

Megan said...

And your still lookin' great!

br_oden said...

Aimee!! I have been thinking about you this last week. Hang in there. How exciting to think it is soon. I know not sooner enough for you! Love the pics, your look great!

Sankat said...

Is your next appointment tomarrow? I am exicted to hear an update (like that you have had him!) :)

trishafofisha said...

AMES! I can't believe you are getting so close. T minus days and counting... I'll be thinking about you and baby Max. Keep us posted and try to get some sleep!