Friday, April 17, 2009

Our first week with Max

Max's first Easter in the hospital.
Shaun and I get the best Easter Basket!

Bath time

I love those long legs!

Sleepy time

One happy mommy!
Can you tell I love me some Max!!

I wish I could really capture how beautiful Max is. I love to just sit and stare at him. I love watching every movement he makes. I love the funny way he moves his lips. I love the feeling of him in my arms. I love to have him look up at me and we stare into each others eyes and I feel such a deep connection. I love to soothe him and sit and talk to him. I love to gently stroke his head or run my finger along his cheek. I love to play with his hands and feet. I love his long strong legs and arms. I love everything about him and I LOVE being his mom. He is so special and I hope he knows how much I love him and love getting to know him and learning new things about him everyday.


Kelley M. said...

those basket ones ARE cute, Amm. i'm going to download the ones Shaun took today shortly and will put some up on my blog - blasting his presence in the fam :)

love you -
kel xo

Megan said...

WooHoo! He's here! And he is SOOOOOO cute! He looks like Andrew to me. Congratulations and have fun!

Ashley Pedersen said...

Oh my he is soooo cute! hope we can see him tonight when we bring dinner over. Congrats again.

Sankat said...

What a cute picture with him in the Easter Basket!
That is so great that you are enjoying being a mom so much...cherish these moments because they go to fast!

trishafofisha said...

He is so adorable. I love seeing how much you love him. Soak up every moment. It goes by so fast.

Flint and Jan said...

i am SO HAPPY for you guys! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You look great and he is adorable. NOTHING is better then snuggling a baby!

tiffy girl said...

thanks for making me cry! he is so beautiful. you guys really did good. enjoy every moment before you know it, he will be grown! I am just so excited for you guys. Kiss those toes for me!

Heather said...

Precious pics. SO glad to see your cute boy. I am so happy for your happiness. It is so deserved. Just don't forget. Max is just as lucky to have you as a mama as you are lucky to have him as a son! Love ya girl!

Chelle! said...

Oh, what an adorable baby!!! He is so precious!! I might just have to fly down and hold him...Oh, what a sweet little thing!!

Nick and Ashley said...

I can't begin to express how excited I was when Kapri told me you had a little baby. I'm SO excited for you and your husband!

Ashley Hansen!

Anonymous said...

He smiles a lot i've have never known a baby to smile so much

SherBear said...

Wow, congrats to you! So glad to hear that Max arrived safely. And, wow, he is so darn cute! Happy for you both!