Monday, March 15, 2010

The monstrosity

We've had a 26 inch T.V. in the living room for a while now. Shaun has had it for 10 years. I guess in Men years that's like a 100 years to have such a small T.V. So Shaun went and got a 46 inch flat screen HD T.V.
When he brought home the box. I just about died. You're kidding me right? We're going to put that in our living room. So Whenever someone comes over, I can say, "Welcome to our house where the T.V. lives."
I told him it was way to big to be going into the living room. It's a small space. That big of a T.V. would over shadow everything in the room. I was sure I was going to have nightmares about being crushed by a giant T.V.
Shaun tells me that if he was single he would have gotten a 72 inch T.V. Oh thanks for bringing it down a bit for me. (insert playful eye roll) haha.
When we got it out of the box and put it in the corner for all to see. Even are neighbors across the street could watch T.V. comfortably. It was definitely large.
I do love watching T.V. and movies on it. It's a really nice T.V. The only problem is, Some channels have HD. So now, If the channel doesn't have HD. I think it looks like crap. Shaun is now pushing to get all the channels in HD. Ummmm.....We'll see. That of course, Would cost more money.
We also got Dish Network which has NESN (New England Sport Network). A channel that Shaun grew up watching in New Hampshire. He's really excited about it. I'm glad he can enjoy a little bit of the New England world while living in AZ. Especially because it's killing him that he wont be able to take Max out on the frozen pond to play hockey.
I guess it will always be that us women want more shoes and men want more inches on the T.V. Soon whole walls will be one ginormous T.V. :)

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Sankat said...

TOTALLY know the feeling!! We had a 19'' TV for the first few years of our marriage. Then Stuart got a 53'' TV with that huge base (not the skinny kind they have now). We were living in a 550 sq ft. apartment at the time. It seemed soo soo big. Now, 6 yrs later, I have gotten use to it. Give it some time and it won't seem so big :)