Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas in UTAH

DAY 1- Thursday Dec. 23
Drove 8 hours to Cedar City. Stay at Shaun's sister's house for the night. Had a GREAT drive. The roads were clear and we were smooth sailing. I was DREADING the drive being pregnant and having a little Max in the back seat. It went REALLY well. Max did awesome!

DAY 2- Friday Dec. 24th CHRISTMAS EVE!
Drove 2 and 1/2 hours to parents house. Roads were clear and smooth. Hung out with parents for a while, then off to stay at my sister Taunya's house were we would stay for our trip.


Here's me and Max after he got to open ONE present. His adorable Christmas pajamas.

We had a nice Christmas Eve. We re-in acted the story of Christ birth. I got to be Mary. I may not be GREAT with child just yet, but I'm with child. :)

DAY 3- Saturday Dec. 25th

There was snow, even if it wasn't fresh snow. :)

Max with his cousins Christmas morning.

A present for Max

Max was loving the presents Santa left for his cousins. ;)



My niece Brittany made me a cute necklace.

Me and my niece Talia

Present from grandma and grandpa

Love this picture! My niece Ava licking away at the pie!! hahaha!

We had a great day with everyone. My whole family was together for Christmas this year. We even got a family photo. I don't have it yet. I'll share when I do.

DAY 4 Sunday Dec. 26
We had a nice relaxing day. Just lounged around. Then went to my parents at night for games. It was hilarious!

DAY 5 Monday Dec. 27
Spent the day in Salt Lake City. I adore this city! It was fun to drive up and down the streets while Max was sleeping in the back seat. I love you SLC! It is the city of my birth. AND I love those UT mountains. BEAUTIFUL! I wish I would have taken pictures all over the city, but Max was sleeping in the back. *sigh* I love that city.

We went here to Discovery Gateway on the corner. What a FUN place for a kid!

So much to explore and do!

Here's a few pictures of the Gateway mall, where we were at the Discovery place.

Then we went to visit my brother and his family. Max always has fun with his cousins.

DAY 6- Tuesday Dec. 28th

Bean Museum in Provo

I love these pictures of Max checking out the nativity.

He loved the Lions. He would roar and say, "Lion"

I love how they made this nativity with all the surrounding animals

We even got to enter a contest to name the elephant.

This butterfly is so pretty. It's made of all different types and colors of individual butterflies.

We had to stop at the creamery afterwards for some yummy ice cream.

We had a great time with family while we were there. It was so nice to go be with everyone. hang out and play games, go to movies, do a little shopping, talk. It was a great vacation.

DAY 7 Wednesday- Dec. 29th
Drove the whole way home in terrible weather. Snow and rain 90% of the way home. It was exhausting! It didn't go as well as the drive to Utah. We finally made it home.


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