Monday, September 1, 2008

8 week update

Labor day!!! Got me thinking about my own labor day! Scary! Today I had a bunch of things I wanted to get done....but....too tired!! We did go out and eat with my brother Drew, his wife Katie, My sister Tara, Jared, Ashley, Brittany, and Thomas. We went to the Cheese Cake Factory, Yummy!! I did have a delicious strawberry cheese cake. I love those holidays off work.

My pregnancy symptoms are still the same. I have to admit that today I was extremely on the ornery side. Look out!!
This week my pants started to fit a little to snug over my tummy. I'm getting a little pooch already!! I wonder if because of my swelling with my hypo-ovarian stimulation has made it easy to pooch out. It is exciting. Now for the awkward stage when you don't really look pregnant but you start to grow and have a pooch. I'll have to take pictures of my growing belly. I can't wait until my 9 week mark to have another ultrasound and see the baby's growth. Thanks for your continued prayers! Take care!!


Sankat said...

That is wonderful that everything is going so well!!
That stage is hard in pregnacy, with the pants start getting tight...I would stick with any elastic pants you have ;)
Can't wait to see pics and see how that little bean is growing!

Chelle! said...

You are going to look so adorable huge and pregnant because you are so tiny. I hope that you start posting pictures soon!!!!