Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our trip to the Grand Canyon

It was so nice to get away! The Grand Canyon is so beautiful! We had a great time together and really enjoyed the cooler weather of Flagstaff. It felt so good!
Drew and Katee decided to come and join us at the last second. It was great having them along with us. It was nice for Max to have some company in the back seat. Otherwise, It could have been torture for him to be stuck in his car seat without some entertainment.
I took so many pictures! How can you not with such an amazing view! The only bad thing is Max is too little to remember it. We'll have to go again when he's older and we can do some real hiking.
Flagstaff was really nice. We walked around town and enjoyed the beauty of the trees and cool air. aaaahhhh! So nice. I think we'll have to make at least one get away a summer to the cooler parts of Arizona. It feels so good to get away from the heat.


Sankat said...

Wow, you are so brave...sitting on the edge of the canyon like that! SCARY!
I LOVE Flagstaff too.

shaunandammie said...

We're really not on the edge as it looks. There was a lot of edges and rock cliffs below us.
It just looks like we're on the edge. That's why I love the picture. It's really not as dangerous as it looks. You could walk farther down if you wanted.