Monday, September 14, 2009

TicKLe MoNsTeR

When Shaun and I were in Flagstaff. We came across this cute little find. The book, TicKLe MoNsTeR, by Josie Bissett.

The best part as you can see. Is that you can get these tickle monster mitts to go with it. Too cute! I can already hear the squeals of delight when Max sees us with our tickle monster mitts on. It's tickle time!

This book is adorable! Here is a little sneak peek. The author has this on her website.

I come from Planet Tickle, you see,

I'm a monster, but not the kind you must flee.

I'm the happiest, silliest, zaniest kind. My talent is Tickling,

I think you'll soon find.

by Josie Bissett

Illustrated by Kevan J. Atteberry


Kelley M. said...

is that Josie Bisett of the old Melrose Place show??? what a cute book!

shaunandammie said...

Kel- It is Josie Bisett from Melrose place. Funny huh?!