Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer time = Popsicle time


Popsicles = Happy Kids

Happy Kids = Happy Mom

But sometimes.....
 popsicle's = messy, sticky kids = not so happy Mom. ;) 

I love popsicle's in the Summer. 


JBug said...

Summer time is popsicle time alright and the kids love them.
Just the other day I followed the origins of an orange puddle spreading across my laundry room folding table.
None of the detergents I have are orange, so I was perplexed.
Then I found the melting popsicle BEHIND the detergent bottle.
Apparently, some little person wanted to put their popsicle in a safe place until they were ready to resume eating it.
And what is safer than behind the detergent bottle in the laundry room I ask you?:)

JBug said...

By the way, this is not Jbug, but Taunbug...apparently I was logged in as Jaden:)