Friday, September 19, 2008

10 weeks 5 days and feeling good

I went to my first appointment with my new ob/gyn yesterday. Shaun and I both liked Dr. Damore. She's very friendly and personable. We talked in her office. Asked guestions. Got a run down of what to expect, and got a bag of free stuff. Yea! For free stuff.

I'm really going through ultrasound withdrawal. I love to be able to see and REALLY hear the heart beat. Dr. Damore did the Doppler to hear the heart beat, She was moving it all around my belly and we couldn't hear a heart beat. Mean while, I'm holding my breath. She told us before that we might not hear it with the Doppler, But that doesn't work with a nervous mother like me.
Finally, We picked up the heart beat!! Music to my ears. I really needed that comfort. I can't wait until I'm through this 1st trimester and I don't have to worry so much. I'm sure the worry never ends, But a little ease is good. Shaun joked that we wouldn't be leaving until we heard a heart beat because he knew I would probably be impossible to live with otherwise.

I've been feeling really good!! I never get sick anymore. Sometimes I feel nothing at all. That's why I need to hear the heart beat to make sure everything is going well. Make sure I still have a baby in my belly.

Tonight, Shaun and I are doing movie night. He went to get us Cafe Rio and a movie. I love to snuggle up and watch a movie. It's a great way to end the work week. RELAXING!!!


Chelle! said...

YEA!! 10 weeks!!! I am so excited for you!!! I am glad you are feeling much better!!

EmileeandJonny said...

NO WAY! I didn't know you guys are expecting! How EXCITING!!! I'm so happy for you!!! by the way- cafe rio is delicious!