Monday, February 22, 2010

The biggest loser

I came in third place in the biggest loser contest. Not bad, wish I could have done better. I kind of slacked off. At least it has gotten me started in the right direction. I did lose 14.8 pounds.
I'm still loving the gym. If I could only get Max to love it too. They always have to come and get me. The poor little guy. Hopefully, he will start to enjoy it. It dose feel good to be wanted. :) Max has had a cold so I've had to go whenever Shaun gets home from work. This makes it more difficult to make it to the gym everyday. I still try to go whenever I can. I'm always happier when I go.
I was thinking this might be a good time to join one of the fitness/aerobic classes. Because Max doesn't seem to last very long in the child watch. He can come and rescue me from my class. ;) Then I would have an excuse to leave instead of wimping out on my own. :) That might work out.

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