Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I've been saving my baby formula cans. I've been wanting to decorate them and make some cute things with them. I had my craft girls over today and I finally decorated some of the cans.


Something for Valentines Day.
This I did with paper, stickers, and mod podge.

I went and got some cute fabric to make these cans for Max's room. I mod podged the fabric on and then put ribbon around the top and bottom.

Then I added some embellishments

I'm not sure I'm loving the embellishments.
I think they fit perfectly in Max's room.
I'm not sure what they will be storing yet. They just look cute.

Then I made one for Shaun to take to work. I mod podged fabric on to it. Then I put some clear photo holders on it. And put in some cute pictures of Shaun and Max.

I have a lot of fun making these. Their is so much you can do and make with them. I have more cans to decorate. It's fun being crafty.


Garth & Ashley Pedersen said...

I had tons of fun & I love the cans with everything on them! They turned out cute! I'm hoping to finish mine today! :) And I'm totally hooked on BLA! haha

Chance's Mom said...

So cute! Come to my house and help me make cute things will you?!

Robinson Family said...

Awww those picture ones turned out awesome!!! So crafty!! I love our crafty days. :0)