Monday, February 8, 2010


I did it! I joined a gym. The YMCA right by my house. Today was my first day. I loved it! They have child watch for up to 2 hours a day. I got to work out while Max played. It felt so good. I don't know why I have not done this sooner.
They have an out door track. It felt good to walk outside while listening to music on my ipod. Then I decided I would hit the weight machines. They always seem so intimidating. I have no idea how to use them. The fear of looking like a total dufus had me a little hesitant.
I had nothing to be worried about. The machines were great. Very easy to handle and I just went from one to the next. Working every muscle in my body. oh yeah!
When I was done and went to get Max. He was screaming. When I checked on him earlier he was doing great. They said he just stared crying. I was glad to rescue him. I think he had a lot of fun. It was probably a little too long of a time for the first time going. It was also close to nap time.
It felt so good to work out and work on me. :) release stress and get endorphins. I'll see you tomorrow weight machines. You don't scare me anymore!
Now I have to try and master the aerobic/fitness classes. Not anytime soon. I think I would pass out the first 10 minutes of class.

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Chance's Mom said...

Way to go Am! I can picture you now, your rock hard abs breaking the weight machines at the YMCA that were not made to handle such power....