Monday, February 22, 2010

In-vitro- part 2

Shaun's work recently added that they would pay $3000 towards the cost of In-vitro. Sweet! This has gotten Shaun and I really talking about In-vitro again. The good and bad thing is, We have embryo's frozen from our last In-vitro. Which is good. The bad is, The embryo's were not the best, The best ones got used in In-vitro part 1. I've also heard that they are not as good after being frozen. This is all something that Shaun and I will have to discuss with the doctor to get more information. I do know that Max was not supposed to be a great embryo. They only gave us a 15% chance to conceive. Whew...emotions always hit me when I think about that. The whole process of it all and the wonderful prize we got in the end. It was all worth it. I will never forget the feelings I had when we implanted the embryos into my uterus. Looking at the ultrasound screen and seeing these 2 bright little dots. One of those turned into my Max. :) Makes my heart swell with joy. I will never forget the feeling of warmth at that moment. The feeling and comfort of the spirit. I should have never doubted the outcome.
Shaun called the infertility center and talked to billing about what it would cost to do In-vitro this way. She said that it would be about $3000 dollars out of pocket after the $3000 the insurance would pay. Most of the out of pocket expense would go to de-thawing the embryos. That would cost about $1500 dollars. Insurance does not cover this. In-vitro usually runs about $10,000 dollars. $6000 is better then $10,000. Although the chances could be less. The process would be a lot simpler this time around without having to stimulate and harvest my eggs, resulting in my ovaries being over-stimulated and me ending up in the hospital.
I know the chances of conceiving will not be that great. This is something we will have to discuss, pray, and get more information about. I think if it doesn't work out it would be easier this time then last time because we've already had a success the first time around. My Max. Makes me smile every time I think about him.
The process has been started. I don't know when, what, or where just yet. I'm still thinking it all through. Which for me, could take awhile.
I do think it would be cool if it did work out with In-vitro part 2. That would mean that Max and hopefully are future blessing would have come from the same "batch" which means if they were born at the same time they would have been twins. Cool huh? It's fun to think about. It would be fun to tell them later in life about that. Not too soon. That would gross them out to find out what exactly the same "batch" is. (haha)


Samantha F. said...

I didn't realize Max was conceived in-vitro. That is really cool and an awesome story. Especially with his odds. Congrats again, he is such a cutie!

Chelle! said...

Oh Ammie, you are so amazing!!!! I do hope things work out!!

Sankat said...

How exciting!! I hope everything works out well.
In-vitro is so expensive! WOW!