Friday, May 22, 2009

I can get up for this

:) :)Smiles:):)

Are you smiling yet? You should be.

I was so tired this morning. Max was up from 12:50am to 3:30am. It was terrible. He then woke up again at 5:30am. I feed him and placed him in bed with me. I've been doing this the last couple of days for that early morning feeding (between 4:00am and 5:30am) hoping he'll go right back to bed being close to me. Then I could go back to bed.
I probably should not make a habit of doing this but I'm so tired after being up with him at different intervals throughout the night. I feel so drained. So after the early morning feeding I keep him in my bed.
He tends to flail his arms and grunt a lot. It makes it hard to sleep but he is content.
This morning he started waking up. I was so tired I could barely move. I was hoping he would entertain himself for a while. I could not believe after being up for most of the night he was getting up so soon.
I pry my eyes open and start to talk to him. He then starts to kick his legs and flail his arms with excitement. I move him closer to me. We are looking at each other face to face on the pillow and he starts giving me the biggest smiles as I talk to him. I decided I could get up after all. Those smiles make me feel so appreciated. He's happy to see me and it makes me feel so good.

He's been giving me these great smiles every morning. Today he was giving them to me throughout the day. It's the best and makes me smile. They are contagious. You see the pictures, How do you not feel happy after seeing them?

Here is some MORE pictures I love. I can't help it. I love taking pictures of him.


trishafofisha said...

What a CUTIE! I've been meaning to send you something for little Max since you had him and it turns out I get the bad friend award of the year. What would be most helpful? Could you use clothes, diapers, a gift card??? One of these days I need to come visit.

Chelle! said...

OH, he is so adorable. I just want to hold and kiss his cute little cheeks!! Oh...and those eyes--they are gorgeous!!