Monday, May 18, 2009

Wanted by the mommy police

for not sleeping and unnecessary grumpiness

Max was being so cranky today! He wouldn't really sleep and he was crying and fussing all day. I normally can calm him down and get him to go down for some nice long naps. Not today. I had to have a mommy time out and let him cry and even scream. He was not happy about it. I've never been able to let him scream like that but I needed to get into the shower and I needed a break.
Finally sometime late afternoon I decided to take him for a car ride and see if I couldn't get him to sleep. He screamed at first and then........sweet silence. Then he started to cry again. Then......sweet silence. Finally he had to be sleeping. I drive home get out of the car and look in on him. This is what I find.......

Max not sleeping!!

I bring him inside and hope he will just fall asleep in the car seat. He was being really mellow at this point. here he is getting sleepy eyed.

Finally after a little fussing he falls asleep

Finally I think he's into a deep sleep because he has let the Binky fall from his mouth

I can finally get something done. I start to pick up the house when only 15 minutes later he's up and crying again!! This is what he's been doing all day. Falling asleep then waking up a short time later and being really cranky! He wanted me to hold him all day and even then he was still grumpy.
I feed him and he falls asleep on my chest. Yes!! I leave him on my chest to sleep for about a half and hour and make sure he is in a deep sleep. He hasn't moved and he is breathing really heavy. I then take him into his room and lay him so softly into his crib. I was really hungry and needed to eat. I put him down in his crib and this happens.........

He completely wakes up!! AHHHHHH!!!
My plan now is to try and keep him up until 7:00pm and I will give him a bath and put him to bed at 8:00pm and hope he will sleep really good tonight. Of course, Because I want him to stay awake he starts completely falling asleep!!
I finally give him his bath and get him to sleep on my chest and I was finally able to put him in his crib and he has been sleeping!! Yippee!! Will see how tonight and tomorrow are. One day at a time with a little baby.
It's a good thing he gives me these cute smiles. Makes everything all better! I wish I could capture on camera his really big smile! I have not been able to get a picture of it yet. His smiles really make my day! Keep smiling for mommy!! She loves them! And your cute dimples.


Sankat said...

Oh, I hate it when they do all that. I forget it all so fast!

That picture of him smiling is sooo cute!

Kelley M. said...

amm - this post is hysterical - that first picture is PERFECT - hahah. what a cutie...lucky for him, huh :) keep up the good work - and get to sleep little man!!