Sunday, May 3, 2009

What's been going on

This is what's been going on with us


Our little Max pretty much runs the show around here. We're actually in the process this week of getting him on a schedule. This can be really hard to do. It's a work in progress but seems to be going well. We love our little guy. He's a lot of work and worth every bit of it!!

I've been really blessed because Shaun has been able to be home with us this whole time. I don't know what I'm going to do when it's just all me. That's why this schedule thing is so important. I need time to do even the simple things. Like going pee!

I tend to be a mother hen with this little guy. Even when Shaun has him I need to know what's going on? How's he doing? What's he been doing? I'm learning to TRY and relax.

My mom and dad came to visit last week. That was really fun and helpful. Shaun and I actually went to lunch together while my mom and dad watched Max. What a treat that was. It's so funny how everything changes when the baby comes. We pretty much talked about how we can't believe how tired we are! And then we still wanted to rush home to be with Max. Thanks mom and dad for all your help!! We love you!! You really did so much to help us.

Mom snuggling with Max. There is nothing better than snuggling a baby. Expecially a very healthy 10 pounds 10 ounces. As of May 2nd. Way to go Max.

One awesome grandpa! Really my dad is the best grandpa!

***Make sure to scroll down to the next post to read about the amazing gift Max and I received.***:)

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Sankat said...

Don't worry about the mother hen thing...I think all new moms are like that...even 5th time moms ;)
That is great your parents were able to come visit and help out.