Sunday, October 11, 2009


My blog has been having a little bloggerexia. I will be feeding my blog soon. I hope:) I do have lots of things to blog about. I went home to visit my family in Utah. I'll have lots of pictures and blog stories about that and my flight. The security check point people, or should I say jerkcurity check point people. They can be SO rude!! More to come soon so I don't have bloggerexia anymore:)

It might come out as bloggeremic. I'll have to binge blog. Now I just need to gather my thoughts with pictures and the time to do it. Try not to have commenterexia please. I like to hear from you! Even if your a blog stalker or haven't talked to me in awhile, or you talk to me all the time. A girl needs to know you're out there in blogger space:) I like comments. Gives me a warm fuzzy. (for those of you who watched conference) Which was awesome!! You'll know what I'm talking about.
My spirit was feed, Even if my blog was not:)
Shaun downloaded all of conference for me to listen to at work on Saturday. I listened to the whole thing! so uplifting. I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE:)

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