Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Whats your love language?

When I was Utah my mom had the five love language book. Shaun and I have been wanting to get the book. We've heard so much about it. We wanted to find out what our love language was.
Shaun was not with me in Utah. So I took the test myself. Then I would just go out and buy the book.
The 5 love languages are:
Words of affirmation, Quality Time, Gifts, Service, and Physical Touch. They also have the 5 love languages for kids and teenagers. I think it's really interesting.
So are you ready for my love language? The most you can get in any love language is 12. Some people have 2 love languages. If your top scores are so close together. I do have 2 love languages.
Of course, All of the 5 love languages are good. You just respond to some more then others.
My love language is, Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation. I scored a 9 on Physical Touch and an 8 on Words of affirmation.
Now I need Shaun to take the test and then read the book. Then we can better our love language. It's really fun to do.
Now that you know my love language. I just want you to know that my love language is for Shaun only! I don't want any of you coming up to me telling me how great I am while rubbing my back. ;)

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Sankat said...

That is a great book.
I can't remember my score, but I know that service is high on my list (and only from Stuart:) ) .