Wednesday, October 21, 2009

6 month check-up

My baby is a little over 6 months old and I can't believe it! He's 30 inches long (still over the 95%) and weighs 19lbs 14oz. (80%)
Because Max is so tall. Everyone we meet thinks he's older. I LOVE my TALL boy! I love everything about him.
Max and I got a little bug when we were in Utah. We thought we were rid of it. Then yesterday at his check-up. He had a ear infection in the left ear. The doctor said it wasn't too bad. He still gave us some antibiotic because Max is only 6 months old. My poor baby!
He also got 5 pokes yesterday! He got his regular vaccines. Then he also got the flu shot AND the swine flu shot. Tough day for my little guy. After the initial shots. He was fine the rest of the day.
On a side note. The day before Max's appointment the doctors office called to confirm the appointment. I cannot even tell you the feeling I get when the lady at the doctors office calls and says, "Is this Maxwell's mom?" It brings such joy to my heart to say "YES."
Maybe it wont be quite as fun if it comes from, Lets say, the police station, The principle office, or a neighbor calling to tell me what trouble Max has gotten himself into. Even then, I think my heart will always swell to say, "Yes, This is Maxwell's mom." Then I can be a mom and ground him for being naughty.;) Because if a kid never got in trouble. What kind of a boring childhood would that be?

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