Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A new sound in the house

I have a dish washer!!! Well, I've HAD a dish washer for sometime. We just didn't know how to set it up! Or the time to do it.
Enter my great neighbors!!! I thought now would be a good time to give a thank you to all the wonderful neighbors and friends we have.
Shaun and I bought a house which needed a lot of TLC. We've found that we have the best and most helpful neighbors and friends! Through all the remodeling we've done. They have helped us in so many ways!
Thank you Rich Porter for my new dish washer set-up! I love the new sound of the dishes being washed. (not by me!!) I'm so spoiled now.

Thank you Tracy Brunson and Rich for all the help and advice!

Thank you Travis Richins!! Who is our master electrician! He's always so willing to help us! He's done so many wonderful things for us! He's amazing!

Shaun and I have also found that if we've forgotten to take the trash bin out to be picked up. Some how it still makes it out to the sidewalk:)

Thanks to my sister and family who surprised us by doing a ton of work on our house while we were gone on vacation.

Thanks to so many wonderful family and friends. We can now call our home.... a home. Of course, There are always never ending projects we would like to do. Our house has gone through a great transformation.

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