Saturday, October 17, 2009

Once upon a style

I've lost my style! It's not in my closet or my shoe rack. I try to find it at the stores and find that things are a lot cuter on a manikin then on me.

I hardly ever wear cute jewelry anymore. Max likes to yank and pull them too much. They also tend to be a bother when I snuggle him close. They get in the way too much.

I want to be comfortable most of the time. comfortable usually equals frumpy. That's what I've become.

I've gone outside in things and looking a mess a lot. I would have never been seen like this before. In my past life.

I need comfort with a splash of some sort of style. HELP! I've got to go shopping! I need a whole new wardrobe. I wear the same old boring thing everyday.


70 Porter Toes said...

Ammie you are always cute!

T and T Brunson said...

Don't worry jewlery comes back after a while. You have a style and you are super clothes are always fun though:)

shaunandammie said...

Thanks girls! That means a lot considering you live right across the street! You see me the most!