Sunday, November 22, 2009

The BIGGEST loser

I'm the BIGGEST loser! I hope. Why would I possibly want to be the BIGGEST loser? Because I'm in a competition with some friends to see who can lose the most weight.
This is the push I need to get myself healthier and in shape. There is 7 of us in the competition. We started the competition Monday, November 9th. We weighed in on a wii fit and will continue to weigh in each week on Monday. The competition will last 13 weeks. It's based on the % of weight losed.
I'm so excited to get going! Because of my Gallbladder I haven't been able to get out and work out. The first week I lost 3.3 pounds. Awesome! Tomorrow we weigh in and I'm afraid I didn't do so well because I was down from the surgery. I'm so excited to get into a work out routine tomorrow! It's going to be hard through the holidays. I love the sweets! My middle name should be Chocolate. Wish me luck!!

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