Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oh Yeah Ladies!

Let me just set the tone for you. Imagine Ferris Buellers day off. The song with the Ferrari scene. "Oh Yeah.........Beautiful............chick-a, chick-a."

For Halloween Shaun was not just any 80's dude. He was his brother Thom in the 80's. Thom had a really RAD mullet. Looked just like this.

80's Thom with future Thom

Future Thom taking it back to the future.

Mom, Can I have one??

Let's take this for a ride.

The witch
Woo hoo Witchy women.


Drew and Katee said...

Shaun needs to make that a permanant look. "Hey Ladies" I will valunteer Katee to die it Black so start growing. Business in the front, Party in the back baby!

Chance's Mom said...

Why stop at Halloween? Shaun should just keep the look all year round! Just think, you could wake up each morning with his silky locks spread across your pillow.....