Sunday, November 22, 2009


I decided I would start a PHRASE OF THE WEEK post. Every week I'll post a phrase that Shaun and I use, That comes up during the week.
Shaun and I have a lot of jokes and phrases we use. We seem to always be coming up with new words or phrases.
This week are new phrase is "Mommy Crush." Shaun came up with this one. He says that Max has a Mommy crush. I LOVE IT!! I think it's so cute.
I love that Max has a Mommy Crush. It makes me feel appreciated. :) I love that he gets so excited to see me and wants to be with me. MOMMY CRUSH!! Too funny!! It also seems to work out because I have a baby crush. :)

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Chance's Mom said...

Love the mommy crush! I love it when my baby has one of those as well:)